Event Announcement: ACE Summer Cool Down

Greetings Florida Region!

I have another exciting announcement for our region!  Please join ACE Florida Region at Island H2O Live in Kissimmee, FL for our 2nd annual ACE Summer Cool Down Event.  This year, the event will be held on Sunday, June 6th, 2021.  For those of you who joined us last October, this event will be mostly the same just with a few minor alterations.

Event price is $30 for ACE Members and $40 for ACE Guests.  Guests must be accompanied by an active ACE Member to join.  For that $30, you receive an amazing value worth over $125!  We will start with a quick group photo in the wave pool, followed by early morning ERT on three awesome slides!  The park will provide us with a small continental breakfast and a lunch buffet!  Lunchtime will include raffle prizes and guest speakers.  Enjoy the rest of your day at the park and then meet us at closing time to partake in the ACE Mat Slide Race Competition and have your chance to win some insane prizes!

I cannot speak highly enough of Island H2O Live, and I really hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy a fun-filled day at this park at this incredible price!  I have some FAQ’s attached to the bottom of this message but feel free to email me back with any direct questions.  Also, please see that attached flyer for more details about the event and COVID-related policies.

Event Flyer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HUZ-7pQOrpOstIYLDsuG3lmF7ITNh67m/view?usp=sharing
Online Registration: https://ace-florida-region.square.site/


Are masks required for this event?
The circumstances for COVID change constantly and based on the case numbers and the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, it appears that Florida is currently heading in the right direction.  Even though masks are required in most parts of the state, it is looked at a little differently for swimming activities.  Mask are required to enter the park and while using any “dry” activities, but while you are enjoying the pools or water slides, masks must be taken off.  Please note that chlorine within the pool water can be used as a sanitizing agent for the COVID-19 virus.  As we near closer to the event date, we will have a clearer understanding of what will be required by the current CDC Guidelines and I will make sure to communicate any changes before the event happens.

I am concerned about COVID, will this event be safe to attend?
Any form of public activity will provide a certain risk to contracting the COVID (or therefore ANY virus). ACE and Island H2O Live will do everything in their own control to ensure the safest environment possible. Social distancing guideline set by the park must be followed by all guests and employees.  As Regional Rep, I continuously monitor and review associated risks for all events and will make appropriate decisions based on that review.  At this time, I have decided to continue with this event.  However, as we draw closer to the event, the environment may change and a decision to cancel the event could be made.  In the case of a full event cancellation, all registration fees will be refunded.  As a registered guest, we have also updated our cancellation policy for this (and future) events.  Please read the next questions for details.

Can I cancel after I sign up?
We have changed our event cancellation policy to become more flexible and allow for cancellation for any reason up to the closure of registrations.  In the case of this event, that would be on May 28th.  After that, only COVID-Related cancellations will be permitted, and those cancellations must be made up to 5-days before the event starts. For this event, that is May 31st.  Cancellations must be made in writing and can be submitted online at https://ace-florida-region.square.site/cancellation-request. Refunds will be returned in the same form as received.  We ask that you please cancel as soon as possible to open your seat up to other guests who may be on a waitlist.  After the cancellation cut-off dates, no refunds will be offered for cancel requests or no-shows to the event.

I have a 2021 Season Pass to Island H2O Live, do I receive a discount to this event?
Island H2O Live is graciously providing this event with FREE admission for all attendees.  Not a single penny of the event cost is going to admission.  The event cost from this event is covering the costs of ERT, food, prizes, and additional service/administration fees.  Because of this, current Passholders will not receive an additional discount off the event cost.

I am planning on buying a Season Pass, can I receive a discount on the day of the event?
Season Passes for Island H2O Live are normally $99.99 plus tax, but include a lot of additional features.  While I have not confirmed that we will receive a discount off passes on the day of the event, you may visit the park’s website for current specials: https://www.sunsetwalk.com/island-h2o-live-water-park/season-passes/

Why is ERT only 30-minutes?
When we hosted this event back in October of 2020, the park hours during that day allowed for a full hour of ERT on the main slide tower.  This year, in June, the park hours differ slightly which meant we had to shift the ERT time down to 30 minutes.  You will still have plenty of time that morning to enjoy the three water slides on the slide tower!

How do I receive the free parking benefit?
If you are a current passholder to Island H2O Live, parking is already included and free for any visit you take to the park.  On the day of the event, parking is provided to all guests for free if they arrive before 9:30AM.  We are expecting check-in to be completed by 9:15AM so everyone should have plenty of time to receive the free parking on event day.

Where can I relax for the day? Are Lockers or Cabanas available?
Everyone in the group will have access to a large private covered pavilion.  You are welcome to leave personal belongings in this space, however there may be times when this area will be unattended.  Ample deck and lounge chairs are also available throughout the park, mainly near the Live Lagoon Wave Pool attraction.  Lockers can be rented at any time via a credit/debit card purchase at one of the Locker Rental Stations.  Cabana rentals are available for purchase/reservation after the park opens to the public.

What prizes are going to be given away?
Last time, the park threw in some insane prizes that included free single-day tickets and cabana rentals!  This year, while I cannot guarantee the same exact prizes, they are expecting to provide similarly insane prizes during our Mat Slide Race at the end of the day.  During the lunch presentation, we will have a raffle for souvenirs provided by the park.

What is the ACE Mat Slide race?
At the end of the day, we will hold the ACE Mat Slide Race on Reply Racers and we welcome everyone to join in on the action!  The race will consist of three runs for each racer; their best time from the three runs will be their competition time.  The slide has a built-in timer for all racers!  Tie breakers will be determined by the average time of the three runs.  We will have prizes for first, second, and third place.  We understand this may not be for everyone, so it is perfectly fine to skip the race.  But if you do not want to participate, we hope you can stay to watch the race happen!  To be eligible for the prizes, you must participate in the race.

Are there any volunteer opportunities for this event?
As of this moment, I do not have anything set in stone for any volunteers, but that may change as we get closer to the event date.  I do have an opportunity if anyone is interested in writing the event article for ACE News.  I have added two extra fields to our online registration form that includes: Interested in Volunteer Opportunities for this Event and Interested in Writing the Event Article for ACE News.  Check of either or both during registration and I will reach out to you if I need assistance!  I thank each one of you for offering to help during these events!

During my registration, I did not enter my ACE Member Number, was this missed?
We used to use ACE Member Numbers as a verification that you are a current and active member of ACE.  However, with the improvements of our membership management, we will now simply verify your name as an active ACE Member.  If we do not find you in the system, or find that your membership expired, we will contact you to provide alternate options, which may include, but not limited to, Cancellation and Refund of event fees.

Do I have to pay online, or can I send a check?
We are slowly phasing out paper registration forms.  You may have noticed there was not a paper registration form attached on this flyer.  Since it is more convenient for our members to register online, this will be our first event where registration is fully online only.  However, you may still request to pay by check/money order instead of a credit card.  For online credit card payments, submit your registration online at https://ace-florida-region.square.site.  To request an electronic invoice with a check-payment option, fill out the form located at https://ace-florida-region.square.site/manual-registration-request and your electronic invoice will contain instructions on how and where to send your check/money order.  All payments must be received and processed before the registration deadline to be confirmed.


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