Event Announcement: White Lightning 10k

Greetings Florida Region!

I am excited to announce the details of our 2nd White Lightning 10k Riding Marathon Challenge at Fun Spot America!  Come join us on Saturday, August 14th to ride White Lightning 16 times to complete 10 kilometers of track.  Attendees who complete the challenge will receive a custom-made die-cast medal and bragging rights that they have completed a Roller Coaster 10k Challenge!

Price of the event is $67 for all ACE Members and only $27 for ACE Members who have a 2021 Fun Spot Season Pass.  Non-ACE Members can join for an additional $10 but must sign up with an active ACE Member and are limited to 1 guest per ACE Member.  Riders will have 1 hour of exclusive riding access to White Lightning before the park opens to get as many rides in as possible.  The event may continue into park opening, but a boxed brunch will be served at 11AM.  Guests will then have full riding access to Fun Spot’s Orlando location for the rest of the day!

This is an exclusive event to Fun Spot and since timing is everything, we have a maximum limit of 45 attendees.  Make sure to sign up as soon as possible!  We will open a waiting list if necessary.  Please see that attached flyer for more details about the event and COVID-related policies.

Event Flyer: WhiteLightning10k_2021
Online Registration: https://ace-florida-region.square.site/

Are masks required for this event?
If this event were held today, then yes.  Social distancing can be challenging at theme parks, so we will require all participants to wear a CDC-Recommended face mask throughout the event (except for eating and drinking while stationary).  However, circumstances may change in August; we will keep all guests up to date on any policy changes related to Face Masks and Social Distancing.

I am concerned about COVID, will this event be safe to attend?
Any form of public activity will provide a certain risk to contracting the COVID (or therefore ANY virus). ACE and Fun Spot will do everything in their own control to ensure the safest environment possible. Social distancing guideline set by the park must be followed by all guests and employees.  As Regional Rep, I continuously monitor and review associated risks for all events and will make appropriate decisions based on that review.  At this time, I have decided to continue with this event.  However, as we draw closer to the event, the environment may change and a decision to cancel the event could be made.  In the case of a full event cancellation, all registration fees will be refunded.  As a registered guest, we have also updated our cancellation policy for this (and future) events.  Please read the next questions for details.

Can I cancel after I sign up?
We have changed our event cancellation policy to allow for cancellation for any reason up to the closure of registrations.  In the case of this event, that would be on August 7.  After that, only COVID-Related cancellations will be permitted, and those cancellations must be made up to 5-days before the event starts. For this event, that is August 9th.  Cancellations must be made in writing and can be submitted online at https://ace-florida-region.square.site/cancellation-request. Refunds will be returned in the same form as received.  We ask that you please cancel as soon as possible to open your seat up to other guests who may be on a waitlist.

Why is there a limitation of 45 people?
There are two reasons we had to limit the number of guests to this event.  First was timing.  A full train of White Lightning can hold 12 people and we will be limited to single-train operations.  Even with ERT, this limits the number of circuit that a single person will be able to do during that first hour.  The second reason is related to ordering medals.  The medals require a substantial lead time and if more medals need to be ordered, they would not be available for some guests at the event.  I would rather everyone receive their medal at the medal ceremony on the day of the event.

Does this mean I have to ride White Lightning 16 times “in a row?”
No. Due to safety and logistical reasons, back-to-back rides on White Lightning will not be allowed.  After each ride, riders will exit normally and then re-enter the queue line.  This allows everyone a fair chance of completing their 16 rides in the morning.  Personal breaks are also welcome and strongly encouraged if you start to feel nauseous or tired.  We recommend eating a light breakfast before arriving at the park.  After ERT, riders will have the rest of the day to complete their rides.

Will I still receive my medal if I do not complete the challenge?
All attendees will receive their medal during Brunch.  All riders will receive a lanyard card that will allow them to keep track of their riding progress.  This card is a souvenir and yours to keep.  Just like the event in 2019, we will use the honor system to keep track of everyone’s progress.
As an additional note: Depending on operations and the number of attendees, riders may not complete all 16 rides before Brunch.  If that is the case, all riders will receive their medal and can spend the rest of the day (or even another day if you have a Season Pass) to complete their rides.

Why is the event so expensive for Non-Passholders?
There is a $40 difference between the regular event price and the passholder event price.  This $40 is the cost for the full-day armband to access all rides and go-cart tracks in the Orlando location.  Please note that the price of an armband is usually $52 at the gate.  The remaining $27 will cover food, ERT, prizes, and other administration fees incurred for this event.

What if I want to visit the Kissimmee location as well?
For non-passholders, you are welcome to upgrade your armband to include the Kissimmee park for the same day.  The cost of the upgrade is $10 and must be done at the park on the day of the event.  All armbands provided at this event will only be valid for the Orlando location.  Season Passes are also available for purchase at the ticket windows, you will simply pay the difference between a single-day pass and the season pass pricing.

I am planning to buy a Season Pass later this year, but I do not have it in hand just yet. Can I still register for this event at the Season Passholder rate?
Yes, if you are able to show a Season Pass the morning of the event, you may register at the Season Passholder rate before obtaining your Season Pass.  Please note that you must have your Season Pass in hand prior to the event.  Season Passes will not be on sale when this event starts at 9AM.  Also note that you may purchase the full priced ticket and use some of those funds to pay the difference in upgrading your ticket to a Season Pass the day of the event.

Wasn’t there a shirt included in the last White Lightning 10k?
You would be correct; we did include a shirt during the last event. Unfortunately, we decided that the cost of producing shirts outweighed the value added.  Adding the shirts would have dramatically increased the event price and we felt that a more affordable event was the better option.

What is included in the Boxed Brunch?
The boxed brunch will be provided by Fun Spot and includes a Fruit Cup, a Muffin, and a Breakfast Sandwich (Croissant, Egg, Cheddar Cheese, Turkey Sausage), along with your choice of drink (OJ, Coffee, Soda).  There are vegan and vegetarian options available, so please make sure to include any personal dietary requirements on your registration form.

Why is there a limitation to ACE Guests for this event?
One of the privileges to being an ACE Member is enjoying special park events just like this one.  We do allow non-ACE guests to join our events to experience what it is like to be an ACE Member in hopes that they will join as a member in the future.  For an event with no limit on attendance, guests are welcome if they sign up with a current ACE Member.  For this event, we are extremely limited on the number of seats and every seat that a non-member takes up is another seat lost to a current ACE Member.  I will allow all ACE Members the ability to bring in one guest each (this means that if you are a “Couple” you can bring two guests), but I HIGHLY recommend that these guests sign up to be an ACE Member if they would like to join this event.

During my registration, I did not enter my ACE Member Number, was this missed?
We used to use ACE Member Numbers as a verification that you are a current and active member of ACE.  However, with the improvements of our membership management, we will now simply verify your name as an active ACE Member.  If we do not find you in the system, or find that your membership expired, we will contact you to provide alternate options, which may include, but not limited to, Cancellation and Refund of event fees.

Do I have to pay online, or can I send a check?
There are two ways to register for this event.  You may submit your registration online at https://ace-florida-region.square.site, or you may mail in your registration using the form provided within the flyer.  Online registrations require an immediate payment in the form of a Credit Card or Paypal (this will be processed through Square).  To mail a check payment, we ask that you please print out and return the entire flyer for convenience.  Please fill out any comments, notes, or dietary restrictions on the back of the flyer.  Checks and money orders must be made out to Michael Christopher and mailed to 2204 Purple Orchid Place, Ruskin, FL 33570.  Mailed payments must be received before registration deadline to be confirmed.


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