Sea World Introduces Ice Breaker for 2020

On September 12th, Sea World Orlando announced the addition of their sixth coaster, Ice Breaker.  A multi-launched, family-style coaster manufactured by Premier Rides.

After dispatching from the station, the train will utilize a horizontal transfer track to be put into place for the launch.  This new coaster will then feature a quadruple sling-shot-style launch, twice forwards and twice backwards, to speed up to 52 miles per hour.  The launch will be the first to contain air-time elements at both the beginning and ending of the launch track.  Before the final forward launch, riders will race backward up 93 feet on Florida’s steepest vertical drop at 100 degrees.


Ice Breaker at Sea World Orlando will have the steepest drop in Florida at 100 degrees

The ride continues forward into a top-hat element followed by multiple airtime and low directional changes.  Ice Breaker will feature a family-friendly 48-inch height requirement and can operate with multiple trains.  Located in the Wild Arctic plaza of the park, this new coaster will complement the nearby arctic-themed wildlife attractions and exhibits.


Sea World continues their conservation efforts by introducing their partner for Ice Breaker, the Alaska Sea Life Center.  This partner is the only facility in Alaska dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, and education of sea-life animals.  Sea World plans to announce further details of their conservation partner soon.

Ice Breaker is currently under construction at Sea World in Orlando, Florida and is set to open to the public sometime in the Spring of 2020


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