New for 2019 – Tigris at Busch Gardens!

On the morning of September 12th, Busch Gardens announced a new coaster for the park opening in 2019.  Tigris will be a Premier Rides Sky Rocket II coaster, similar to ones located at other Sea World Parks.  Standing at a height of 150 feet, Busch Gardens has classified it as Florida’s tallest launching roller coaster.


Tigris Side View – Provided by Busch Gardens

Tigris will be located in the Stanleyville section of the park, which is currently home to SheiKra and the Stanley Falls Log Flume.  The ride will replace the area once home to the Tanganyika Tidal Wave water attraction.


Tigris Train Design – Provided by Busch Gardens

Inspiration from the name Tigris comes from the world’s largest cat species, Panthera tigris.  Busch Gardens will also theme the attraction around many conservation measures, as they focus on the endangerment of the species.

In addition to this release, Busch Gardens has hinted to something big happening with Gwazi in 2020.  The statement “Gwazi will seem a bit ‘Rocky'” was released at the same press conference.  The rumors immediately started about Gwazi, a dueling wooden coaster build in 1999 by Great Coasters International, receiving a hybrid renovation by Rocky Mountain Construction which would include their famous I-Box topper track.  However, nothing further was confirmed at this time.

View the press release launch video here:

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