Mako Opening Weekend Photo Contest

Rules and Instructions of Contest

Hello and thank you for showing interest and support for the new coaster Mako at Sea World in Orlando, FL.  We’d like to provide just a few rules and instructions for our Photo Contest.  This is a fun and interactive contest.  Please submit your questions on our Facebook page or e-mail Michael Christopher directly at

Date of Event: June 11th and June 12th, all photos must be submitted by 11:59PM on 6/12
Location: Sea World Orlando, Orlando, FL

Submit Photos
Submit your photos on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #ACEMakoPhoto.  Any selfie or photo NOT to be included in the contest should be submitted using #RideWithACEMako (both hashtags will be accepted).  We will be actively retweeting and monitoring our feeds both days.

Photo Rules
Please adhere to all park rules and regulations, this includes the ACE Code of Conduct.  Any picture taken that violates these rules will be disqualified from the contest along with possibly of further disciplinary action by both ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts) and/or Sea World Parks.  Pictures do not need to be taken at the time of the event, any prior photos can be submitted as well.  Any selfies or photos with people posing off-ride will not be included in final judging but are welcome to be submitted under the #RideWithACEMako tag.  All photos submitted are to be made public with copyright released to ACE by the owner.

The top 5 pictures will be picked by Michael Christopher, and then voted on by the public via Twitter.  There will be no monetary or giveaway prizes for the winners.  Of the top 5:
Top 2 Winners: Facebook or Twitter Banner
Ranked 3-5 Winners: Placed in the Photo Rotation of the website banner
All photos submitted will be saved for any future publishing in ACE, including ACE News, Rollercoaster!, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

Side Notes
Michael Christopher will be at the park only on June 12th to ride, tweet, and visit the park.  If you’d like to send questions or plan a meet up, feel free to send an e-mail to the address above.  Also, make sure to follow @ACEFLRegion to see our tweets!

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